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LSACS-M33AE Antenna Control Unit

LSACS-M33AE is an antenna control unit designed for Mobile antennaas mounting on vehilces to track LEO, MEO, and GEO satellites. The control system performs digital signal processing of servo loop closures for accurate position, tracking, rate, and torque bias loops required for large aperture antennas operating at Ka-band and beyond. The system also monitors and controls brakes, interlocks, and feed status.

IP-ACS-ES4A5E-001 Antenna Control Unit

The IP-ACS-ES4A5E-001 Antenna Tracking System designed for earth station antennas efficient for both manual or automatic antenna positioning of single and 3-Phase Motors including polarisation.

The controller incorporates many tracks such as Manual, Auto and Positioing etc... gives accurate postion and it has analog input control from beacon receivers for acheiving maximum signal. The system is user friendly to operate and having lot of options as per needs. Few very important and unique features listed below.

  • Microprocessor based
  • Stores upto 100+ satellite postions including satellite names
  • Multiple stellite tracking modes
  • Calender based tracking
  • In-built Specturm for signal check (max Peak)

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